CAT Scan – Dec 2013

Posted by Greg Demetrick on December 28th, 2013

Well the last and final CAT scan for 2013 has happened and I wish I could report better news. For those catching up the pattern I have been in since about April has been 9-12 weeks of a chemo treatment followed by a  CAT scan to see if it working. Then we tweak the treatment and do it all over again. For me there was a bit of a rush to finish this latest cycle before the end of the year due to changes in my insurance, new coverage, and a general feeling of just wanting the bad news in 2013 to stop.

My doctor massively doesn’t sugar coat things which I like. He literally walked into the room and said, “Your tumors are getting bigger”. The current course of Gemzar and Xeldona is not being effective against holding the cancer at bay anymore. We also can;t go back to what we were doing in April because that treatment was causing fluids to build up in my lungs and had some other side effects that make working and living with the disease very difficult.

There are two courses of treatment options we can go through now. First is to switch me back to a more “standard” treatment of Gemzar and a type of Oxyplatin inhibitor that doesn’t cause the side effects¬† I was getting earlier this year. The other is to seek out clinical trials for new drugs or drug combinations that may be more effective in fighting this cancer. This is where the rarity of my cancer is a major negative. Most of the clinical trials revolve around mixing chemo meds I am on for more effectiveness. None exist right now that are actually introducing new techniques because the number of patients with this type of cancer is so small.

Our course of action will be the one that is available to us. First we are going to re-biopsy the tumors to try and get better information on the tumor’s origins. They were not able to determine this before and knowing it helps us to make sure we are treating the right type of cancer. Then we will continue IV only chemo with the “standard” treatment in the hopes that we start to see the reductions we were seeing at the beginning of the summer here.

My doctor still holds out hope that since we have been able to hold the cancer at bay we could reverse it’s course and put it in remission. I agree with him but I think it is going to be a long, tiring road to get there. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers have really helped me through this time. If I don’t say so enough I REALLY REALLY appreciate them.

Just a reminder of things that have not changed. My body, chemically, is still functioning really normally. That means no loss of appetite, no hair loss, and if you saw me you probably wouldn’t think I was terminally ill. My general energy level is down so I tire easily. Since being on the Xeldona my feet have turned all black and blue which has made walking slower but I can still get around fairly well. I am totally planning on being at PAXEast in April. I am totally planning on making the most of this winter. I am totally planning on continuing to fight this nuance until it is gone and I am retired and living out my life long dream of being a dirty old man. LOL

Be well and hopefully I will have better news at the next health update. Until then more posts about gaming. . .

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